1 licensed user with up to 3 devices

  • 1-to-1 connections
  • Mobile device support
  • 3 logins allowed
  • Up to 100 managed devices (Unattended Access)
  • Unlimited devices to connect to (Interactive Access)
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • Team-related features
  • Add-ons and Custom Client
  • More concurrent connections
  • User management

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To benefit from Add-ons, such as Namespace and additional concurrent connections, please click "Get more" to upgrade to a Standard license.

Order Summary

Includes 1 outgoing connection
1 outgoing connection (add up to 20)
2 concurrent connections (add up to 50)
Yearly subscription with automatic renewal
Namespace Add-on

Namespace Add-on
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Recurring cost after one year
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