20 licensed users in a team

  • 1 outgoing connection (add up to 20)
  • Custom Client
  • Mobile device support
  • Unlimited devices to connect from
  • Standard user management
  • Mass deployment (MSI)
  • Single Sign-On
  • Advanced user management
  • On-Premises or Cloud solution

Need more features for your license?

AnyDesk Standard allows you to establish 1 outgoing connection. With this Add-on, up to 20 users can establish connections at the same time.


With a custom namespace, you can create your own personalized AnyDesk domain. This makes the registered clients of your license easily identifiable and protects your company against unauthorized access from third parties.

Order Summary

Includes 1 outgoing connection
1 outgoing connection (add up to 20)
2 concurrent connections (add up to 50)
Yearly subscription with automatic renewal
Namespace Add-on

Namespace Add-on
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Standard price
Grand total
Recurring cost after one year
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